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• Privacy Policy

1.® Aviation T-Shirt Art! respects your privacy. Your privacy and security concerns are very important to us. We will outline what you, a visiting online customer to our website, should expect when shopping for, and or purchasing products featured on our website, and browsing "our website", which is® Aviation T-Shirt Art!. We want to make sure you, our online visitor, completely understand our online Privacy Policy before browsing "our website" and committing to and completing an online purchase on our website.

2. Aviation T-Shirt Art! COLLECTS LIMITED INFORMATION that is relevant to the Aviation T-Shirt Art! online shopping and or purchasing experience. We define "relevant" as: those actions having a connection with what is required in completing a "successful transaction" (a favorable outcome, as solely interpreted by Aviation T-Shirt Art!) a. BROWSING our website using a compatible internet browser, b. SELECTING a quantity or quantities of our product or products, c. ADDING a product or products to our shopping cart, d. proceeding to our CHECKOUT, e. ENTERING ALL INFORMATION that will enable us to i. receive immediate payment from you, the online customer, ii. process your order, iii. ship our product or products to the street address you, the online customer, provides. (NOTE: IF THE INFORMATION YOU, THE ONLINE CUSTOMER, PROVIDE TO US IS NOT ACCURATELY ENTERED, WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INACCURACY). Be careful when entering information.

3. At NO TIME, will Aviation T-Shirt Art! sell, lease, lend, or give away your personal information, provided to us in confidence, to a third party business, for the purpose of information, marketing, research, or whatever intention or intentions third party businesses may have. NOTE: Aviation T-Shirt Art! DOES NOT COLLECT NOR STORE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AT ANY TIME, ANYWHERE, PERIOD! ALL CREDIT CARD DATA IS RECEIVED AND PROCESSED BY A PAYMENT GATEWAY, TRANSMITTED VIA A SECURE, 128 BIT SSL, ENCRYPTED CONNECTION. Collected information is solely related to the purpose or purposes of shipping our product or products and for customer identification, which is stored in a secure server located in a secure data center.

4. Aviation T-Shirt Art! is aware of and is conscious of fraud. We serve our online customers in a dignified manner that is lawful, in accordance to the legal mandates of New York state. Aviation T-Shirt Art! WILL NOT TOLERATE attempts of fraudulent, deceitful, and ill conceived actions of an individual or an entity, intending to do harm. We will aggressively pursue legal action, actively seeking prosecution against those who do.

• Refund, Return, and Exchange Policy

1. Refund policy will be honored IF you CALL WINDTEE™ within 100 days of original purchase date. Product must be in original, resalable, new condition with tags and labels intact (including all packing materials), and accompanied with a copy of the invoice e-mailed to you, the online customer. Failure to comply with this requirement, will result in forfeiture of your ability to obtain a full refund. Aviation T-Shirt Art! will only reimburse the return shipping cost (applicable to Refunds and Returns ONLY) to you, the online customer, IF it is equal to or less than the amount our preferred shipper charged for the return. Click Contact Windtee™ for contact information.



• Shipping Policy

1.® Aviation T-Shirt Art! products will be shipped, via our preferred shipper, within 72 hours AFTER your order is received and processed. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday (excluding weekends and legal holidays), 10am - 4pm Eastern Time. ALL ORDERS ARE PROCESSED DURING THESE BUSINESS DAYS AND HOURS. After receiving your order, you will receive an electronic confirmation of your order from PayPal™, sent to the e-mail address you provided to us. Please remember,® Aviation T-Shirt Art! strives to ship our products as soon as possible.

2. ALL® Aviation T-Shirt Art! products are INSPECTED BEFORE packing and shipping to you, our online customer, via our preferred shipper.® Aviation T-Shirt Art! guarantees our products to be free from VISIBLE damage and defects BEFORE SHIPPING. If anything, and we mean anything which causes damage to your order while in the care of our preferred shipper,® Aviation T-Shirt Art! ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR, AND WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR, DAMAGES AND OR LOSSES INCURRED DURING TRANSIT. Please direct your complaint to our preferred shipper if you seek a solution.

• Terms Of Use

1. By using, visiting, and or browsing the® Aviation T-Shirt Art! website, in whole or in part, you, our online customer and or visitor, agree and assume any and all risks during your online session, taking complete and full personal responsibility as a result of your decision to use, visit, and or browse the® Aviation T-Shirt Art! website. You, our online customer and or visitor, agree to hold absolutely and infinitely blameless,® Aviation T-Shirt Art!, from any and all consequences which may arise during your online session, taking complete and full personal responsibility for your decision to use, visit, and or browse the® Aviation T-Shirt Art! website. In other words, use at your own risk.

2.® Aviation T-Shirt Art! reserves the right to modify our product and service information contained in the® Aviation T-Shirt Art! website without notifying current or prospective customers. NOTE: IN NO EVENT WILL WINDTEE.COM® AVIATION T-SHIRT ART! BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES arising out of the use of, or payments based on, the information contained in the® Aviation T-Shirt Art! website.

3. ALL drawings, and artistic aviation expressions presented and seen on this website, with exception to graphical links to other websites not owned by® Aviation T-Shirt Art!, are the exclusive property of® Aviation T-Shirt Art! and are protected under United States and international copyright laws. The® logo and the® name, are trademarks registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC). Reproduction of drawings, and artistic aviation expressions presented and seen on this website, with exception to graphical links to other websites not owned by® Aviation T-Shirt Art!, is strictly prohibited. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE FIERCELY PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!          [Back to top]

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