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The Artist

A FAA licensed Commercial Pilot, holding Instrument Airplane, Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Land ratings, AOPA and EAA member, and life long artist, Bryan conceived the idea of integrating graphic-art with his love of flight on the universal canvas known to us all as... "The T-Shirt".

Since childhood, Bryan designed and painted images on signs, and created lettering for area businesses. Dating back to the 1970s, he vividly remembers drawing cartoon characters and company logos with chalk on New York City sidewalks for pedestrians to see.


At the same time as all this drawing was going on, Bryan had a burning desire to fly, wanting to make flying his profession of passion. As far back as he remembers, our artist made a decision to become a flier, a pilot,... an aviator.

Today, after plowing through aviation textbooks and manuals, flying the required hours mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration, and passing all his checkrides, Bryan has obtained the necessary qualifications to proudly say, "I AM A PILOT!"

We're sure you'll enjoy showing-off to family and friends these personal interpretations of common and not-so-common themes exclusive to the world of flight designed by Bryan, aviator, and graphic-artist. Pledge your allegiance to all things Aviation with these® Aviation T-Shirt Art! designs.

If you, or anyone else you know would enjoy becoming a pilot, or are curious about what this flying business is all about, click Learn To Fly at the bottom of the page.

We hope your shopping experience with® Aviation T-Shirt Art! is a pleasant and memorable affair.

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